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Company Overview

Who is FARM, Inc.?

  • FARM Inc. specializes in providing crop insurance and related financial products and services to the agricultural producer, including assistance with obtaining financing, preparing budgets, managing personal financials, and setting goals.

  • FARM Inc. wants to be a part of our client’s agribusiness management team. By offering outstanding product knowledge and superior customer service, in determining what products and/or services are beneficial. Together, our goal is to enhance profitability with the least amount of risk.

  • FARM Inc. operates throughout the central and western states.  Our office is in Tempe, Arizona. 


What is our purpose?


  • At Farm, Inc. we are the next generation of Ag. Agents with product knowledge and risk management to protect your legacy, we pride ourselves on dependable service and integrity.  Our creative personal service and communication keeps you engaged and informed in an ever-changing ag industry. 


  • Tradition

  • We are the next generation to protect and ensure that you can remain farming for generations to come and to create new legacies whether a first-generation farmer or a 5th generation farmer.

  • Knowledge

  • Our team of local, seasoned agents has been built around years of experience within the agriculture and financial industries.  Farm Inc. agents are vetted in multiple crops, livestock, and risk management.

  • Integrity/Service

  • There are two statements that encompass what this company was founded on: The farmer comes first. We aim to provide you with sound service that has your best interest in mind.

Our Why

  • We are 100% focused on Ag.

  • Family Owned – not corporate – local agents, longevity and continuity of team. 

  • Diversified – brings regional experience.  i.e., Annual forage.

  • Stay up to date with new products and changes so we can educate our growers.

  • Ag consultants/resource for growers.

  • Personal relationships


What is crop insurance? 

Crop insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to help farmers mitigate financial losses caused by natural disasters or other unforeseen events that damage or destroy crops. It provides compensation to farmers for their lost or damaged crops, which can help them stay afloat during tough times and return to production in the future. Crop insurance policies typically cover specific crops, such as corn or soybeans, and can also vary based on the type of event that causes the loss, such as drought, floods, or insect infestations.  Commodity price protection is also available for specific crops and livestock.

 A list of current openings are listed below. 


Tempe, AZ, On-Site, Full-Time, Operations 

Summer Intern 

Tempe, AZ, On-Site, Full-Time-Summer only, Operations 

Office Manager 

Tempe, AZ, On-Site, Full-Time, Operations 

Agent Support

Tempe, AZ, On-Site, Full-Time, Operations 

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