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Multi Peril Crop Insurance 

Types of Policies 



1) Provides protection for                          production losses due to natural          causes.

2) Provides Revenue Protection as            well. 

3) Projected Prices and prices at              harvest are determined by the              futures markets. 


4) Producer's History is used to                determine the guaranteed revenue      per acre. 

Revenue Protection 



1) Provides protection for                    production losses due to natural      causes.


2) Provides Yield protection. 


3) Same manner as APH polices,              except a projected price is used to      determine insurance coverage

Yield protection



1)  Insure producers against yield         losses due to natural causes.


2)  Producer's History is used to           determine the guaranteed               yield per acre.  

Actual production history 



1) Provides a risk management safety          net for all commodities on the farm under one insurance policy and is available in all counties nationwide. 

whole farm revenue protection

Information is taken off the official RMA Website

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